Lady Wolf was founded by Mandy Martinez, a military wife who was looking to find her own voice and be a part of something with meaning. As a military spouse of 13+ years, when PCS orders came, she had to uproot and try to find new jobs. She had to reinvent herself with every move. With a degree in microbiology, Mandy found it very difficult finding work in her field moving so often. The truth is, the career of a military spouse usually plays second fiddle and many just give up on their careers all together. This led her down the path of entrepreneurship. 

Mandy was tired of sitting on the sidelines and it was time to break the cycle! This led to the creation of Lady Wolf, a women’s brand that was created to supportempower and motivate women on their quest of discovering their purpose, while embracing their individuality. Lady Wolf is more than just a brand, it represents a movement; a progressive sisterhood that celebrates women for the incredibly strong, powerful beings that they are! The brand is not only an advocate for female empowerment, but a reminder to fellow military spouses that their voice matters and to never give up on their dreams. Mandy wanted to build a women’s brand with female empowerment at the core. She also wanted to use the brand as a way to give back! 

So why skin care? A skin care junkie herself, Mandy found that there were way too many overpriced products on the market. With her science background at the core, she decided to launch her own clean skin care line that is actually backed by science and research.

What's with the wolf?

Why the name Lady Wolf? So glad you asked! The name was chosen to represent empowerment. Wolves represent freedom, strength and survival. Wolves also represent the spirit of freedom while understanding the importance of family and community. The name Lady Wolf represents finding the wolf within. 

Giving Back!

Not only is Lady Wolf a brand representing female empowerment, we are also giving back to the community! The company donates a portion of its profits to various organizations that support women!

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